NEW! G600/700 TXi STC's now approved for Citation 500/501/550/551/S550/560 aircraft!


Here at JETTECH, we kind of have a bit of a thing for Citations. That's good news for you because it means we've got lots of options for you to chose from. If you want all the new Garmin toys in your plane, give us a call and we'll be happy to talk to you. We offer STC Data packages to your favorite Garmin Avionics Shops. We've been around long enough that we can help you pick out a shop if you're looking for one nearby. Our current packages include:

SINGLE OR DUAL G600/700 TXi (with RVSM) and/or GTN Center Panel Upgrade. Simplify your pilot/copilot panels with Garmin's new bigger, better, and touch-screen G600/700 TXi. Includes approvals for JETTECH's RVSM solution. Our Center Panel Upgrade installs the GTN 650/750 fully integrated GPS/NAV/COMMs with LPV WAAS approval plus friends like Garmin GMA35C Audio Panel, GTX 33/3000/3X5 transponders, ADS-B, and GA35/37 antennas just to name a few. Our G600 STC is also still available. Contact us for upgrade information.

Citation 550 w/ dual G700 TXi & GTN upgrade along with glareshield mod.

Citation S550 with GTN center panel upgrade only.



Citation 501 w/ dual G600 & GTN upgrade along with glareshield mod.

Citation S550 with single G600 and GTN upgrade along with glareshield mod.

Citation 500 (pre s/n -0275 w/ Bendix AP) with G600 and GTN upgrade



GTN Center Panel Upgrade. Just added to our line-up of popular retrofit options is the Primus 1000 IFCS Citation models. All our center panel upgrades, including that coupled LPV and ADS-B must haves, included! Why pay for expensive repairs on that old stack when you can go brand new with Garmin products?